psalm 100 lyrics
Genevan Psalter Organ Anthems

The Bible set to Music

Series 18

Psalms 12, 35, 58, 62, 79, 92

I Kings 19, Isaiah 5, Isaiah 58, Matthew 26, Luke 2, I Corinthians 1

Unison for mixed choir with accompaniments that may serve simultaneously as Organ service pieces.

Christopher Nelson

With new metrical texts. REVISED 2018



Psalm 12

"Help Lord; for there is no longer"

Isaiah 58

"True Religion"

Psalm 35

"Contend, O Lord, with those"

Matthew 26

"The Last Supper"

Psalm 58

"Do you indeed decree"

Isaiah 5

"The Song of the Vineyard"

Psalm 62

"For God alone my soul waits"

I Kings 19

"Elijah at Horeb"

Psalm 79

"O God, the heathen have come"

I Corinthians 1

"The Scandal of the Cross"

Psalm 92

"It is good to give thanks"

Luke 2

"Jesus among the Doctors"